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Characteristics and USES of ptfe bars

Application of ptfe rod:
Used as anticorrosive material:
Polytetrafluoroethylene bar material has overcome the general plastic, metal and other corrosion resistance shortcomings, has become the petroleum, chemical, textile industry's primary corrosion resistance data. For example, for the production of corrosive gas transport pipe, exhaust pipe, steam pipe, etc.
Used as oil-free smooth material:
The friction coefficient of ptfe bar is the lowest, so it is the ideal material for oil free and smooth mechanical equipment parts. For example, paper, food, textile and other areas of smooth oil easy to make products contaminated, teflon bar to solve this problem.
Advanced dielectric materials for electronic equipment:
The low loss and dielectric constant of ptfe bar make it the insulating material of wire and cable, its porous structure can reduce the loss and distortion to the minimum, and it has thermal stability and certain flexibility. Ptfe rod is still an outstanding filling medium data, widely used in telecommunications, computers, national defense, aviation and many other challenging areas.
Used as anti-adhesion material:
Ptfe bar with its inherent minimum surface tension, does not adhere to any material, together with high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic excellent characteristics. Teflon rods are primarily used for non-stick POTS and microwave ovens.
Used as medical materials:
The excellent mechanical function, durability, non-chaos and biological adaptability of ptfe bar will not cause the body reaction and have no side effects on human physiology. In addition, it has the characteristics of multi-pore structure and is widely used in medicine, including artificial blood vessels and patches for soft tissue regeneration and surgical suture for vascular, cardiac, general surgery and plastic surgery.

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